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playground manufacturerAFFORDABILITY
We strongly encourage our customers to thoroughly investigate the playset market. You start this process with your local telephone directory under the heading of "Playground Equipment." You will discover that it is not a large industry, and that it is actually possible in one single long day to physically visit every single listing found in the directory. The simple reason we encourage you to shop the playground industry is to prove that the three (3) reasons discussed in this section are NOT found anywhere else in the metropolitan Atlanta area except here at King of Swings.

We guarantee our prices to be lower than any other company - with our quality being second to none!
We are the manufacturer, not the middleman! After all, when all of our competitors in Metro Atlanta are a "middleman" in one way, shape or form (i.e. a franchise or distributor), why should our prices not reflect the fact that we directly make what we sell. We invite you to tour our manufacturing facility while visiting the showroom. You'll be impressed. The bottom-line, though, is that we don't meet our competitors prices, WE BEAT THEM!

Although all playsets can be installed above-ground, there are four overwhelming advantages to an In-Ground Installation:

in-ground installation   1) Any hillside, slope or uneven terrain can be accommodated. Since our inception, we have never encountered terrain upon which we could not successfully install a playset in-ground.
   2) Does not cost more than an above-ground installation
   3) Sturdier than above-ground installations
   4) The playset can still be relocated if you move and we provide this service for a fee.

When considering the four advantages listed above, we cannot think of one good reason for you not to request an in-ground installation of your playset. Can you? Although hard to imagine, none of our competitors offer in-ground playground installation. While visiting our showroom you will be shown an effective demonstration of in-ground installation. We are sure you will concur that in-ground is far superior to above-ground.

custom design playground equipmentCUSTOM MANUFACTURED
We always mention to all customers who visit our showroom that while they may be impressed by how many different designs of playground playsets they see on actual display, this still hardly scratches the surface. They are reminded that we would display an additional hundred playsets if we had more available space. Although the showroom is large, our adjacent manufacturing facility ("The Shop") is much larger. We invite you to tour the shop when you visit our showroom.

Quality, modularity, durability and affordability are all by-products of controlling one's own manufacturing process. Our ability to offer you the safest & most durable playset possible, at the same time providing you significant savings, all the while accommodating any idiosyncrasies your property offers - could not be possible without the in-house custom design, manufacturing and in-ground installation of our playsets.

King of Swings, Inc.
5182-D Brookhollow Pkwy.
Norcross, GA 30071

770 448-5464

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