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As depicted in the pictures below, playscaping involves bordering-off a specified area for playground use and then filling-in the area with either wood or rubberizing mulch.

playscaped fort with split-tube slide landscaped playground landscaping for playgrounds
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Complete or partial playscaping service is now offered to our playset customers who not only have safety considerations in mind, but also desire a manicured, landscaped appearance to the playground area. Playscaping service is the latest product offering by King of Swings in our effort to be a one-stop shopping experience for all your playset and playground needs.

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King of Swings recommends that the playscaping project not be undertaken until after the actual playset has been installed. Based on decisions you make the day of the playset installation (not when originally ordered) will determine the precise configuration of the playset and thereby its actual dimensions. King of Swings professionally trained installers are prepared to install your playset a dozen different ways, thereby enabling us to accomodate idiosyncrasies of your property or other personal preferences. At any rate, once the playset dimensions are determined, we can then provide size recommendations for the playscape area, quote a firm price, and commit to you an exact installation date for the playscape project to be completed.

playscaping WHY TO PLAYSCAPE:
In trying to decide, in the first place, whether or not to playscape a specified area around the playset, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, there is nothing wrong with a playset being positioned on a lush grassy area. The only negatives of grass are that kids may eventually kill the grass by constantly playing in the area of the playset, and of course mowing the grass around the various playset component can be a chore during the growing season. But at least you can postpone the playscape decision on a wait-and-see basis if a nice grassy area is to be the eventual playground site of the playset installation. On the other hand, if a natural/dirt area is to be the playground site of the playset installation, then there is more a sense of urgency for at least ground-cover (if not full playscaping) - because with each and every rain the site will become muddy and so will"you-know-who". And secondly, of course, playscaping certainly lends itself toward the accomplishment of a neat, manicured look, and thereby enhancing the overall landscape appearance of your property. And finally, third (last but not least) are safety considerations. Although boo-boos may never be eliminated from a child's play experience, it should be obvious that properly playscaping a playground area will certainly minimize their occurence and severity.

All Playscape constructions are bordered with 6 x 6 timbers which are pressure-treated to ground contact specifications. The area will then be thoroughly covered with landscaping "weed-block-fabric", which allows water to drain but not grass or weeds to grow through. Finally, the area will be adequately covered in Cypress mulch, although rubberized much is also available.

King of Swings recommends the use of Cypress mulch rather than the rubberized mulch for playgrounds for three (3) reasons. Pound for pound, rubberized mulch is approximately five (5) times more expensive than Cypress mulch. Cypress mulch has excellent moisture-retention capabilities, whereas rubberized mulch absorbs nothing. And finally, bugs seem to hate Cypress mulch - ants and spiders stay away from it. Also Cypress mulch is readily available and can be purchased almost anywhere, whereas rubberized mulch can be a little harder to find. The only disadvantage to any type of wood mulch, including Cypress, is that it will decompose over time and you will, therefore, have to add a few bags of it periodically to the playground area (4 or 5 bags annually) so as to maintain desired levels.

A final word regarding the pricing of the playscaping services provided by King of Swings. With our playsets, we guarantee our prices to be lower than any other company - with our quality being second to none. After all, we are the manufacturer, not the middleman! However, the playscape services offered by King of Swings will be only competitive with the thousands of landscape companies doing business in metro Atlanta. If you have a long-standing relationship with a landscaper providing reliable services to your property, he could most likely build you a satisfactory playscape. And for the do-it-yourselfers, this project, although laborious, is not rocket-science and could save you some money if you have a free weekend, a vehicle capable of transporting the necessary materials, and your back is not bothering you.

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