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Q. What kind of wood do you use and why do you recommend it?

A. All playsets are made of pressure-treated southern yellow pine. Much of this pressure-treated southern yellow pine is also Grade #1, Kiln-Dried, and treated to ground-contact specifications. This is the type of pressure-treated pine recommended by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Products Safety Commission for public playground use. It is also endorsed by the American Council on Safety and Health and the American Wood Preservers Institute. In addition, we plane, route, sand, cut, drill, and inspect every board for maximum safety and aesthetics. Compared to redwood or cedar, our wood will be stronger, last longer, and can be used for in-ground applications.

Q. Why do other companies not offer in-ground installations?

A. Most other companies sub-contract out their playset installations, whereas at King of Swings all installers are year-round, full-time employees. To successfully install playsets in-ground, a learning curve or training period is necessary. Companies that sub-contract out their playground installations are not able to afford such a level of expertise. Furthermore, if redwood or cedar is the only type of wood offered, in-ground installation is simply not possible.

Q. Is any advance ground or site preparation necessary prior to the installation of a playset?

A. None whatsoever.

Q. Is a site visit by King of Swings personnel either necessary or recommended prior to the installation of a playset so as to evaluate space requirements and/or terrain levelness?

A. We will visit your playground site if you request it, although we feel it is not necessary for two reasons:

First, the average set can be configured in numerous ways resulting in different dimensions so as to accommodate different idiosyncrasies of your property. These are decisions you make the day of installation, not when the order is placed in the showroom.

Secondly, in-ground installation enables our trained personnel to install your playset anywhere on your property you desire.

Q. Can I start with a smaller playground set and add on to it later?

A. Yes. All King of Swings playground sets are designed to be modular. Starting with a basic set does not limit future options. Everything we offer can be added to or enlarged at any time in the future.

Q. If I move, can I take the playset with me?

A. Absolutely. King of Swings provides the service of moving any of our own playsets. This service can be arranged simply by giving us a call.

Q. Why are King of Swings playsets so affordable?

A. We manufacture what we sell! Adjacent to our large showroom is an even larger manufacturing facility where all of our playsets are custom-manufactured. You will find our prices significantly lower than our competitors whose prices reflect the middle-man role they play (i.e. distributor or franchise), all the while finding our quality second to none. Ask to tour our "Shop" while visiting our'll be impressed!

Q. How can customers ascertain that their playset purchase at King of Swings will be their wisest choice?

A. We encourage you to shop around. One of our competitors is only a two-minute drive from us. If you look in your local yellow pages under "Playground Equipment", you will discover that this industry is not that large - only 10 or 12 companies in all of metro-Atlanta. In a few hours of driving around you can canvas a large segment of the playground industry and get a fairly educated idea concerning price, quality, durability, safety, etc.

Q. Even with King of Swings playset prices being lower than any of its competitors for reasons inherent with being the manufacturer of what you sell, are there ever special sales periodically offered by King of Swings?

A. Yes, at certain holidays and, of course, during the dead-of-winter.

Q. Although there is an almost endless variety of playset configurations, can you provide us with a general range of playset prices?

A. 90% of our standard designs fall within a range of $500 to $2500, although there are some playsets both above and below that range.

Q. Are King of Swings playsets available in kit form for Do-It-Yourselfers?

A. Yes, all playsets can be picked up or delivered to you in kit form. When a playset is ordered in kit form to be installed by the customer:

All wood is pre-cut and pre-drilled.

Many components are pre-assembled (we try to minimize loose wood).

There are well-written instructions that will not only provide you step-by-step directions, but step-by-step pictures as well.

It is available either above-ground or in-ground (but remember that we encourage all playsets to be in-ground).

Q. Can playground accessories be purchased separately?

A. Yes, from swings and slides to steering wheels and telescopes (and everything in between) can be purchased separately. But keep in mind that all King of Swings playsets come standard with a full complement of playground accessories.

Q. Is in-ground installation recommended for those who have perfectly level terrain?

A. Absolutely. We encourage you to always request in-ground installation of your playset for the following reasons:

There is no monetary consideration in the above-ground vs. in-ground decision. In other words, it does not cost more for in-ground installation.

It is sturdier when installed in-ground under any terrain condition. Maybe sturdiness is not a big concern when the child is 2 or 3 years old, BUT just wait till they are 9 or 10 years old!

In-ground playsets are as easily movable as above-ground sets should you move to a new home someday, AND we provide the service of moving our playsets.

Q. How long has King of Swings been in business?

A. We have been in operation since 1988, and have physically been at the same location in Norcross, GA all these years.

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